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Wheels Manufacturing | Bottom Bracket Wrench | Red | 48.5Mm & 44Mm, 16 Notch


Wheels Manufacturing Bottom Bracket Wrench The Wheels Manufacturing double-sided bottom bracket wrench is designed to install or remove external threaded bottom bracket shells with outside diameters of 44mm or 48. 5mm. Both sides of the wrench have 16 notches and the tool is compatible with all current Wheels Manufacturing bottom brackets with notched cups. Features Constructed of: Machined aluminum (red)Fits onto: 44mm and 48. 5mm bottom bracket shells Compatible with: All current Wheels ...


Wolf Tooth Components | Pack Wrench - Ultralight Bb And 1" Hex Wrench Pack Wrench


Wolf Tooth Pack Wrench An important tool to have with you for any traveling bike wrench. Incorporating a one-inch hex wrench, a chain line measurer and a 16-tooth bottom bracket wrench, the Wolf Tooth Pack Wrench is an all-in-one tool to service bottom brackets, cranks and center lock rotors. The tool is made from 7075-T6 aluminum alloy and weighs in at 105 grams. Separately sold inserts can be bought to boost the Pack Wrench’s versatility. ...


Park Tool | Sw-42 Four-Sided Spoke Wrench Sw-42 | Red | 3.45Mm


Park Tool SW-42 Four-Sided Spoke Wrench The Park Tool Four- Sided Spoke Wrench (SW-42) is a four sided spoke wrench provides extra strength and support, and helps to prevent slipping and deformation of aluminum nipples. The four sided spoke wrench is made of the same high quality materials as the three sided spoke wrenches. Features Sized for 0. 136" (3. 45mm) nipples Related Articles: WHEEL AND RIM TRUING Manufacturer's Part No: SW-42 UPC: 763477007490 | ...


Park Tool | Sw Series Spoke Wrenches Sw-0 Black .127"


Park Tool SW Series Spoke Wrenches Don't risk damaging your wheelset with improperly fitting tools. Quality Park spoke wrenches grip the spoke nipple snugly so you can preserve your wheels' integrity and keep them rolling true. In a variety of sizes, these reliable spoke wrenches are built to last. Features SW-0 (Black) For 80 gauge - . 127 nipple (Fits Wheelsmith, DT, Edco, and Marwi nipples) SW-3 (Blue) For 105 gauge - . 156 nipple ...


Park Tool | Sw-22.2 3-Side Spoke Wrench Chrome | Red | .136"


PARK TOOL SW-22. 2 3-SIDE SPOKE WRENCH The Master Spoke Wrench is an investment cast workhorse poured from the best steel, precisely machined, heat treated for hardness, then polished and plated. The result is a smooth, solid, perfectly balanced steel spoke wrench designed and built to fit perfectly in your hand and provide years of every day service. Features Sized for . 136" (3. 45mm) nipples Same size as the SW-2 (red) Three-sided spoke wrench ...