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Park Tool | Paw-12 Adjustable Wrench 12" | Blue | 12"


Park Tool PAW-12 Adjustable Wrench 12" The Park Tool PAW-12 Adjustable Wrench 12" features adjustable jaws that open up to 36mm, and a comfortable vinyl dipped grip for added comfort while wrenching away in the shop. It features laser engraved measurement scale to facilitate a perfect fit. The adjustable wrench is forged from carbon steel and chrome plated for an increased longevity and great use for the years to come. Features Powerful, adjustable wrench is ...


Feedback Sports | Adjustable Pliers Wrench Black, 180Mm | Rubber


Feedback Adjustable Pliers Wrench A Multipurpose Wrench It's always a pain when you don't have the right tool to work on your bike. You might need a 10mm wrench but you only have an 8mm and 9mm on hand. The Feedback Adjustable Pliers Wrench is a multipurpose wrench for a multitude of tasks on any bike. It has parallel-clamping, slip-lock jaws that fit any nut up to 1-1/4 in (35mm) for quick work on traditional ...


Pedro's | Adjustible Wrench Premium Adjustible Wrench


Pedro's Adjustable Wrench Why deal with multiple wrenches when you only need one? The Pedro's Adjustable Wrench employs an innovative jaw design that prevents damage to fasteners and opens to 33mm, providing a handy range of wrench sizes. The ergonomic soft-plastic, TPR handle offers comfort, leverage, and a no-slip grip. Laser engraved sizing scale and proper usage direction arrows make operating simple, yet precise. Constructed of forged chrome vanadium, the Adjustable Wrench offers ...


Pro | Torque Wrench Adjustable Torque Wrench W/bits


PRO Torque Wrench With so much carbon on modern bicycles, torque wrenches are becoming more of a necessity. The PRO Torque Wrench will provide you everything you need to properly tight the bolts on your stem, handlebars, seatpost and more! No longer worry if you're over-tightening your bolts and crushing your expensive carbon fiber components with the PRO Torque Wrench! High quality precision tool Adjustability from 3 to 15nm for all stems/handlebars, seatposts etc. Includes ...


Unior | Multi Hub Cone Wrenches 13Mm, 14Mm, 15Mm, 17Mm


Unior Multi-Hub Cone Wrenches Not For Ice Cream Cones If you're using hubs that have cones, you might need to adjust them to keep your wheels rolling smoothly. The Unior Multi-Hub Cone Wrenches are intended for home mechanics or professional users. The extremely thin design with an open end jaw fits four popular sizes. It is made from a premium flex plus carbon steel and has a chrome-plated finish. Features Designed to work with four ...


Wera | 967/9 Tx Hf 1 L-Key Torx Wrench Set Multicolor


Wera 967/9 TX HF 1 L-Key Torx Wrench Set A High-Quality L-Key Set Torx wrenches are essential tools to have if you work on your bike at home. With a set of Torx wrenches, you'll be able to adjust many of the components on your bike. The Wera 967/9 Torx Wrench Set comes with a holding function for recessed Torx screws and has a Black Laser surface treatment for corrosion resistance. It features color coding ...


Park Tool | Aws-3 Y Hex Wrench Aws-3, 2, 2.5, 3Mm


PARK TOOL AWS-3 Y HEX WRENCHTHE TRILOGY OF TOOLSThis particular tool goes by many names. Names like Y-tool, tri-tool, and 3-way all refer to the same tool. The Park Tool AWS-3 Y Hex Wrench is perfect for tightening and loosening smaller bolts on your bike. It is made from industrial tool steel and is hardened and tempered for shop use. It is molded for hand comfort and has chamfered tips for tight tolerances. It includes ...


Park Tool | Scw-Set.3 Shop Cone Wrenches Scw-Set.3


Park Tool SCW-SET. 3 Cone Wrenches The Park Tool SCW-Set. 3 includes all cone wrenches produced by Park Tool. the SCW-Set. 3 uses Park's Y-head design that puts more material where it's needed for strength and durability. Precision sizing and a military grade industrial phosphate finish ensure an accurate fit and consistent quality. Thin enough to use on the narrowest of adjusting cones, our Shop Cone Wrenches have a long, vinyl-dipped handle for leverage and ...


Surly | Singleator Wrench Stainless, 18Mm, Btl Opner


The pictures worth a thousand words here. One end adjusts the spring preload on your Surly Singleator, while the other opens a frosty cold beverage post-ride. . . . or opens the frosty cold beverage firstif you like to have one nearby while you wrench. | Surly | Singleator Wrench Stainless, 18Mm, Btl Opner


Wera | Bicycle Set Torque 1 Torque Wrench Set 16 Piece Set


Wera Bicycle Set Torque 1 Torque Wrench Set Reliable Control Proper torque is an important part of working on your bike. You don't want to under-torque or over-torque any of your components. The Wera Bicycle Torque Wrench Set solves the most important screw-driving problems associated with bicycles, with reliable control of applied torque to protect sensitive components. This 16-piece set includes 10, 13, 14, and 15mm sockets, TX10, 20, 25, and 30 Torx heads, and ...