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Fidlock Bottle Twist Replacement Bottle Smoke 20Oz Replacement Bottle


Fidlock Bottle Twist Replacement BottleLooking for a replacement or spare bottle to use with your Fidlock magnetic mount system? The Fidlock Bottle Twist Replacement bottle is an inexpensive option to replace or accompany your current Fidlock bottle. A simple twist of the bottle is all that is required to secure or remove your bottle from the frame. The female adapter that connects to bottle is not included.Features 15 Oz or 20 Oz bottle availablefor long ...


Fidlock 20oz Bottle With Uni Base Smoke


FIDLOCK 20OZ BOTTLE WITH UNIVERSAL BASEPOP, FIDLOCK, AND DROP ITIt can be difficult to ride long distances if you're dehydrated. Hydration is the number one thing when you're out riding. The Fidlock 20oz Bottle With Universal Base redefines the bike bottle and their mounting. It has an innovative magnet-mechanical closure system functionality. The bottle itself has a molded system that contains two magnets and a mechanic fixture. The two magnets find their counterparts automatically and ...


Fidlock Bottle Twist 20Oz Water Bottle 20Oz Clear Bottle and Mount Kit


FIDLOCK BOTTLE TWIST WATER BOTTLEThe bottle twist was specifically engineered to do away with conventional bottle cages, to take up as little space on the bike as possible. Thanks to its minimalistic design, the bottle twist can fit even the tightest bike frame and can be positioned on any part of the frame, from the top tube to the seat tube; whichever point is most convenient for the user.Fasteners featuring the Fidlock concept are based ...


Camelbak Hot Cap Jet


CAMELBAK HOT CAPWhen the weather starts to get cold, the best thing to do is reach for your warm drink. Don't let your drink go cold with the new Camelbak Hot Cap bottle. This stainless steel container is vacuum insulated to maintain the ideal temperature. It features a 360° rotating cap so you can drink from any side of the bottle. This bottle holds 20 ounces of liquid and has a leak proof cap. It ...