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Fidlock | Twist Bottle 590 With Uni Base Smoke


Fidlock Twist Bottle 590 With Uni BaseThe new TWIST bottle 590 comes in a new design and with an improved connection technology that provides a strong hold on every ride. With an ergonomic design with the rounded edges The Fidlock Twist Bottle 590 With Uni Base offers a bigger frame compatibility and makes the twisting off and snapping to the TWIST base even more intuitive. It comes with an optional dirt cover, so the mouthpiece ...


Fidlock | Bottle Twist 20Oz Water Bottle 20Oz | Clear | Bottle and Mount Kit


FIDLOCK BOTTLE TWIST WATER BOTTLEThe bottle twist was specifically engineered to do away with conventional bottle cages, to take up as little space on the bike as possible. Thanks to its minimalistic design, the bottle twist can fit even the tightest bike frame and can be positioned on any part of the frame, from the top tube to the seat tube; whichever point is most convenient for the user. Fasteners featuring the Fidlock concept are ...


Fidlock | Twist Bottle 600 Overmolded Plus Uni Base Fidlock | Twist Bottle 600 Smoke

$52.99 8% off $57.99 msrp

Fidlock Twist Bottle 600 Over-molded Plus Uni BaseThe Fidlock Twist 600ml Bottle is back and now with an improved over-molded mounting system. The new connector is integrated directly into the bottle for a more secure connection compared to the previous version. This water bottle includes the Fidlock Uni base which can secure to anywhere on your frame through the use of the two included zip ties. The 600ml bottle has is lightweight and is 100% ...