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Surly | 45Mm Rim Strip | Black | 45Mm, Marge Lite/rolling Daryl | Nylon


Surly 45mm Rim Strip Surly's Rim Strips are the truth. They only do a few things, but they do them very well. With a smooth Nylon composition, they make a secure fit for the inside of your rims. They're great for protecting your tubes, and they make a real nice seal if you're rollin tubeless as well. Don't sleep on these. Features Fits 65mm wide rims Comprised entirely of Nylon | Surly | 45Mm Rim ...


Sun Ringle | Mulefut 80 Sl Rim Strip | Black | 559X60 | Nylon


Sun Ringle Mulefut 80 SL Rim Strip Sun Ringle' Mulefut 80 SL Rim Strip is 559x60mm wide, and sized perfect for their fat Mulefit rims. And the nylon construction is vital to fight off any evil present when you're rolling those super fat rims that have cut-outs all over the place. Sun Ringle Mulefut 80 SL Rim Strip Specifications: Material: Nylon Color: Black Adhesive: No Wheel size: 26" | Sun Ringle | Mulefut 80 Sl ...


Enve | Rim Strip | Black | Ses And 29" Xc


ENVE Rim Strip An ENVE composite rim strip will put the finishing touch on your new set of carbon wheels. They are designed to cover the tire bed of the rim and protect tubes from unwanted flats. Available in 26" DH, 26" XC, 29" XC, and 700C sizes. ENVE is a collection friends, innovators and passionate cyclists. They were told in the beginning that they would not be able to produce carbon rims in America. ...


Specialized | Rim Strip 700C | Nylon

$2.99 40% off $5.00 msrp

SPECIALIZED RIM STRIPRim strips are often overlooked since they are out of sight and out of mind. The Specialized Rim Strip provides ultimate protection between your rim and inner tube. It is made from nylon for maximum strength and effectiveness. It is designed to conform to the rim profile. You wouldn't use low-quality inner tubes in your tires, so don't use low-quality rim strips either. Get some Specialized Rim Strips. Black: 26" wheels Green: 27. ...