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Panaracer | Fire Xc Pro Tire | Black/red | 26X2.1" | Rubber


Panaracer Fire Pro Tire All-terrain mountain tires with an aggressive tread. The Panaracer Fire Pro Tire has a unique tread design with a block-on-block pattern and transition knobs that extend into angled side knobs. The center tread remains relatively small for lower rolling resistance and the side knobs are large for digging into loose dirt when cornering. The Panaracer Fire Pro tire uses a dual compound rubber for better grip and durability and has a ...


Maxxis | Re-Fuse Gravel Tire 700X32C Folding Bead | Rubber

$52.50 25% off $70.00 msrp

Maxxis Re-Fuse Folding Road Tire Due to its durability and versatile diamond-knurled tread design, the Re-Fuse is Maxxis' most popular training tire. Modernized with tubeless technology and higher volumes for even more reliability and comfort, the Re-Fuse keeps things rolling smoothly even as the pavement crumbles into gravel and hardpack dirt. Maxx Shield Protection helps to prevent untimely cuts and punctures. Features Maxx Shield protection Tubeless ready versions available Dual Compound ...


Teravail | Cannonball 700C Tire | Black | 35C, Light & Supple Casing

$58.50 25% off $78.00 msrp

TERAVAIL CANNONBALL 700X42C TIREThe Cannonball was designed to be your go-to gravel racing tire. Beating out any other tire Teravail tested it against, the Cannonball has proven its prowess. The tightly-knit, directional center tread offers optimal efficiency and a decreased rolling resistance. The diamond-shaped pattern is designed specifically for gravel roads and similar types of terrain, and they shed dirt and gravel terrifically. Meanwhile, the side knobs are just the right density to ...


Teravail | Sparwood 29" X 2.2" Tire | Black | Light & Supple Casing

$54.75 25% off $73.00 msrp

TERAVAIL SPARWOOD 29 TIREIf your riding frequently takes you between combinations of dirt and pavement, the Sparwood is a great tire for you. ItΓÇÖs smooth, liquid fast directional center tread is great on smooth surfaces, and the side knobs let you keep traction if things get dirty. The Sparwood offers increased traction and an ultra-smooth ride quality, letting you carry momentum with ease. The stable 29 diameter fits standard twenty-niners, and some 700c frames (with ...