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Vittoria | Corsa G2.0 Tire | Black | 700X32C

$67.94 20% off $84.99 msrp

Vittoria Corsa G2. 0 Tire Proven by millions of race kilometers Vittoria's flagship Corsa tires have been raced all over the world and have been long trusted by professionals in the pro peloton for their incredible traction, suppleness, and of course, speed. The Corsa is one of the world's most iconic and highly-used tires in the pro peloton for a reason. The Corsa G2. 0 uses Graphene 2. 0, a compound that maximizes speed, grip, ...


Vittoria | Corsa Control G2.0 Tire | Black | 700X30C

$75.94 20% off $94.99 msrp

VITTORIA CORSA CONTROL G2. 0 TIRECONTROLLING THE COURSEWhen you're in a race, sometimes the course is well groomed and won't have any debris, and sometimes the course isn't so nice. The Vittoria Corsa Control G2. 0 Tire is the tire choice of pro riders for races on cobbles and rougher roads. It features a thicker tread for the best puncture protection in colder conditions. It is built with Graphene 2. 0 compound reduces the rolling ...


Vittoria | Zaffiro Pro V G2.0 Tire | Black | 700X25C | Nylon

$34.99 22% off $44.99 msrp

Vittoria Zaffiro Pro V G2. 0 Tire The Training Tire, Evolved Roads can be tough on a tire, whether you’re putting in training miles, or just commuting to work, you want a tire that can hold its own without letting you down. The Zaffiro Pro V is a tougher tire for those rougher roads, all while maintaining much of the ride quality that Vittoria is known for. The Zaffiro uses Vittoria’s Graphene 2. 0 compound ...


Vittoria | Corsa Speed G2.0 Tire | Black | 700X23C, Tubeless-Ready


VITTORIA CORSA SPEED G2. 0 TIREGO SPEED CORSARacing on a road bike means you need every advantage you can get. There are many ways to gain an edge over the competition, such as having aerodynamic wheels, aero drop bars, and even fast tires. The Vittoria Corsa Speed G2. 0 Tire is the tire choice of professional riders. It features the lightest casing and thinnest tread for max speed. It is built with a Graphene 2. ...


Vittoria | Rubino Pro G2.0 Tire | Black | 700X23C | Nylon

$64.99 13% off $74.99 msrp

VITTORIA RUBINO PRO G2. 0 TIREALL-ROUNDER FOR EVERY CONDITIONNo matter where you're riding, the type of tires you use on your bike has a major impact on your bike's performance and efficiency. When the conditions aren't perfect, you need a tire that can take on those conditions with ease. The Vittoria Rubino Pro G2. 0 Tire is an all-rounder tire that is great in any condition. It is built with a 150 TPI Nylon casing ...